Transforming Patient Waiting Time into an Engaging Experience: US Eye’s Innovative Approach

Quick Brief

  • US Eye Enhances Patient Experience with UPshow CONNECT: Utilizing the UPshow CONNECT platform, US Eye transforms waiting room time into an engaging, informative experience at their 30 East Coast locations.
  • Customized, Localized Content for Each Location: The platform allows US Eye to broadcast tailored content, including patient stories and promotions, specific to each office, enhancing brand relevance and patient connection.
  • Impact on Patient Engagement and Brand Loyalty: The approach leads to improved patient relaxation and connection with medical staff, significantly boosting patient engagement and loyalty to the US Eye brand.
  • Simplified Content Management and Marketing: UPshow CONNECT’s centralized dashboard facilitates effortless content management and targeted marketing, driving sales and streamlining operations for US Eye.

The waiting room, often a space of idle time and stress for patients, is undergoing a transformation at US Eye. With an average waiting time of 41 minutes, US Eye has recognized the opportunity to enhance the patient experience and build brand loyalty through an innovative approach. By partnering with UPshow CONNECT, US Eye is turning waiting rooms into hubs of engagement and information at its 30 East Coast locations.

US Eye’s shift from traditional waiting room distractions, like cable TV and magazines, to a more interactive and engaging approach marks a significant change in patient experience management. UPshow CONNECT’s patient engagement platform, powered by ChromeOS, broadcasts customized content, ranging from positive patient stories to sales promotions, directly influencing patient engagement and brand perception.

Haley Guenther, US Eye’s Senior Digital Marketing Manager, highlights the customization capability of UPshow CONNECT. “Each of our brands has their own screen playlist that’s custom to the practice…we do customized content all the way down to just the one office,” she explains. This level of personalization ensures that each location delivers a unique and relevant experience to its patients.

Before implementing UPshow CONNECT, managing content across different platforms was a challenge for US Eye, with disparate systems lacking centralization and sophistication. UPshow’s cloud-based dashboard now offers a unified, seamless way to broadcast relevant, ad-free content across all clinic locations.

The impact of this technology on patient experience is substantial. Research shows that 44 percent of patients watch health-related messages in waiting rooms, and half report taking home a valuable message from the programming. Custom messaging sets the tone for each location, comforting patients and engaging them with branded content.

UPshow CONNECT’s solution extends beyond the main waiting area. It also enhances patient engagement in optical waiting areas, dilating alcoves, and check-in waiting areas. Additionally, UPshow’s Premium Audio feature, implemented in several locations, further improves the ambiance and patient engagement.

Guenther emphasizes the importance of localizing marketing efforts. “What we really try to do with all of our marketing is make it as hyper-local to the practice as much as we can,” she adds. This approach ensures that content is not only brand-consistent but also resonates with the local patient community.

A positive patient experience is crucial for building brand loyalty. Matt Gibbs, Chief Customer Officer at UPshow, notes, “Our partners see an increase in patient relaxation and comfort when they are introduced to their medical staff via UPshow screens before leaving the waiting room.” This introduction builds a connection between patients and the US Eye brand even before the medical consultation begins.

For a surgical-focused practice like US Eye, which mainly serves older adults undergoing cataract surgeries, this approach is particularly effective. It provides an opportunity to share valuable health and lifestyle information with patients who may not regularly use the internet. The use of QR codes further enhances patient engagement, allowing them to follow social media, download branded apps, leave reviews, or make follow-up appointments.

Prior to UPshow CONNECT, managing multiple digital signage solutions across various locations was cumbersome for US Eye. Now, the marketing team can easily target messaging to specific demographics from a single dashboard, increasing patient satisfaction, engagement, and brand loyalty.

In a world where traditional cable TV often dominates waiting room screens, UPshow CONNECT offers a controlled, branded TV network. “Removing third party ads from waiting room TVs is important to protect your patients, inform them of only information relevant to your brand, and reduce their anxiety while they wait,” Gibbs explains. This control allows for targeted messaging, such as optical discounts and specific promotions, tailored to each office’s needs.

The ‘plug and play’ nature of UPshow CONNECT, coupled with advanced device reporting, simplifies the installation process across all US Eye locations. The ability to effortlessly push out promotions from a single dashboard is a key benefit for newly acquired US Eye locations. This innovative approach not only increases engagement and brand loyalty but also drives sales, positioning US Eye as a leader in enhancing patient experience in healthcare.

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